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Johannes L. Schönberger Ph.D. Student
ETH Zürich


Welcome! I am a doctoral student of Computer Science in the Computer Vision and Geometry Group at ETH Zürich, where I am advised by Marc Pollefeys (ETH) and co-advised by Jan-Michael Frahm (UNC).

I received my Bachelor of Science from TU Munich and my Master of Science from UNC Chapel Hill. I worked in the computer vision group at UNC, and in the Remote Sensing Technology and the Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing departments at TUM. I also spent time at Microsoft Research, Google, and the German Aerospace Center.


My main research interests lie in robust image-based 3D modeling. More broadly, I am interested in computer vision, geometry, structure-from-motion, (multi-view) stereo, localization, optimization, machine learning, and image processing. You can find my publications on Google Scholar.

Open Source

As part of my research, I developed the open-source software COLMAP - an end-to-end image-based 3D reconstruction software, which achieves state-of-the-art results on recent benchmarks (1, 2). Over the years, I also contributed to a number of scientific open source projects, including scikit-image, scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, Ceres-Solver, etc. You can find my open source activities on GitHub.

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